Introducing Puulse by Vivomi, improving your health  and reducing your stress through science

Puulse, a slim, flexible, waterproof, HRV wearable device that provides valuable insight on all areas of your fitness and health. Vivomi has designed a complete and comprehensive Heart Rate Analysis platform and wearable device. By combining decades of research and experience with the latest technologies available, Vivomi provides a detailed look at your Fitness, Stress, Sleep and overall Wellness. Our team of Medical Doctors & Scientists have perfected the interpretation of heart readings, providing a more valuable and complete heart rate monitor Whether you are looking to boost your performance to the next level or are in need of practical health improvements, Puulse by Vivomi can provide the information you need to reach your goals.

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Health & Fitness Improvements 

It is important to track your health and fitness  in order to optimize your personal wellness goals. Using the Puulse sensor you will have scientific tracking of the effectiveness of your wellness program allowing you to optimize you exercise and sleep patterns to boost your wellness. What is your true fitness level?. How much time do you require to recover after exercise?. These questions can be answered scientifically using the Puulse sensor.


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Stress Management

Watch your stress levels while you are at the office, driving to work or at home. Receive notifications from your Puulse Sensor about stress elevation and learn how to recover better.   See the effects of stress on your body, see your bodies recovery during sleep using the Puulse 24/7 sensor. Using the Puulse Health Score you can track your ability to recover from and to manage stress better.

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Vivomi is the global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of Heart Rate Variability products. The company was founded in 1996 as a Research and Development Company. Specifically, Vivomi develops biomedical software and hardware products designed to monitor physiology for research and educational purposes. Currently our focus is on developing state of the art Heart Rate Variability products that fit the needs of consumers, fitness coaches, corporate health, researchers, educational and professional services.

Our products are being used in major educational institutes in USA and around the world, such as: Stanford University, AT Still University, East Carolina University, Royal University Hospital, Baylor University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, North Carolina State University, Michigan State University, Injury Research Center, University of Strathclyde and many others.


It is believed that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) will become as common as pulse, blood pressure or temperature in patient charts in the near future. In the last ten years more than 2000 published articles have been written about HRV…

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Health risk diagnosis is a profoundly important aspect of practice for all health care professionals. New technology has emerged that enables health practitioners to quickly monitor the subtle changes in the vibratory rates of…

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At this time mankind is facing one of the most dangerous health hazards – cancer. For many decades scientists work hard trying to find a cure. However it is still not around the corner. Cancer is among the top killer diseases…

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