The Complete 24/7 Heart Rate Wearable

  • Medical Grade Adhesive

  • Wireless Charging

  • Powerful Processor

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Strong & Flexible

  • BLE, ANT+

  • Medical Grade Connectors

  • 2 Days battery

  • 2 Days memory

  • Waterproof

At Vivomi we know that Heart Rate, Step Count, Sleep Quality and Distance Walked provides helpful information on your path to an overall healthy lifestyle. Yet this information is limited. Each heartbeat gives an in-depth explanation about what is really going on. This analysis can bring true insight into the activities of your life and what that means to you.

Vivomi has designed a complete and comprehensive Heart Rate Analysis platform and wearable device, Puulse. By combining decades of research and experience with the latest technologies available, Vivomi provides a detailed look at your Fitness, Stress, Sleep and overall Wellness. Our team of Medical Doctors & Scientists have perfected the interpretation of heart readings, providing an infinitely greater solution than other hear rate wearables available today. Whether you are looking to boost your performance to the next level or are in need of practical health improvements, Puulse by Vivomi can provide the information you need to reach your goals.

Integrated memory is capable of  2 days of data
collection allowing users untethered use
Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), strong signal-low energy consumption. ANT+  
100 maH rechargeable battery for up to 2 days of use in normal conditions

Fitness Training

The Puulse heart sensor gives true 24/7 monitoring of your heart and breath. Puulse empowers you with your personal physiological insights to aid your fitness training.  Avoid overtraining and optimize your sleep patterns to achieve your training goals. Using the Puulse sensor determine your resting heart rate, peak heart rate, readiness to exercise, recovery rate, recovery time from exercise, activity rate, total and average calories burned, total steps and distance and breathing rate. 


Health and Wellness

The Puulse heart sensor measures your heart rate, heart rate variability and breathing rate to provide you insights on your sleep, stress and recovery patterns.  This 24/7 sensor provides you personal insights to your health and wellness trends over days, weeks months or years. 


Stress Awareness and Reduction

Use your Puulse sensor to alert you to your stress responses and learn to better enhance your behaviors. The Puulse will measure your current stress levels, daily stress (both physical and emotional) and your stress recovery index as you perform paced breathing feedback exercises.